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#believesurvivors logo; a multicolour pastel background with the words in big font "#BELIEVESURVIVORS" & "Sexual Violence Happens in Moray""#BELIEVESURVIVORS is an awareness-raising campaign launched by Moray Rape Crisis, as part of our work towards the LGBT Charter Mark Silver Award. Our campaign aims to increase awareness across Moray of the sexual harm that LGBTI people face, and the impacts of this. #BELIEVESURVIVORS also aims to offer proactive allyship to LGBTI people in Moray, and let survivors who identify as LGBTI know that Moray Rape Crisis is here to support them.


At Moray Rape Crisis we understand that there may be some unique stresses, threats or barriers which make it difficult for LGBTI people to tell anyone what happened, to ask for help, and to be safe from further abuse. We have launched this campaign to raise awareness of the sexual harm LGBTI people experience and address some of the prejudicial attitudes and discrimination that both increase the risk of sexual harm facing LGBTI people, and prevent LGBTI survivors from being able to seek help and support.

Our campaign is based on a review of research on the overlapping barriers and inequalities faced by LGBTI people, survivors of sexual violence and people who live in primarily rural communities. You can read more about the research which has informed our campaign by clicking the image below and in the Resources section at the bottom of the page.

"there is a perception of “that kind of thing doesn’t happen here” in rural areas that leads to undercurrents of homophobia and transphobia in everyday life" (Link; page 18)


Overcoming the prejudicial attitudes towards LGBTI survivors of sexual violence is vital in ensuring survivors of sexual violence get specialist understanding and support that meets their needs, can get access to justice if they wish to report and feel supported in the community.

Help Us Make A Difference

We need YOU to help us make this a campaign that really makes a difference.

Here are some ways you can support #BELIEVESURVIVORS:

  • Get involved and share these #BELIEVESURVIVORS resources across your organisations, platforms & networks
  • Why not use our campaign postcards as part of your plans for 16 Days of Activism?
  • Take action and check out the reports and resources below

You can download all of the resources here.

Come and join us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

As part of our work towards achieving the Silver LGBT Charter Mark Award we are also undertaking a consultation to make our services more accessible and representative of the needs of local LGBTI people. If you would like to help us make our service more inclusive the consultation can be found by clicking the image below.

working towards our LGBT Charter Mark award graphic. Link takes you to our consultation page.

Our Support for LGBTI Survivors

Intersex inclusive progress pride flagAt Moray Rape Crisis, we support people of any gender, sexuality, race, disability & cultural and religious background. No matter when the abuse took place - recently or in the past - we can support you.

Anyone can experience sexual violence no matter your gender or the gender of the perpetrator. Being sexually abused has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or gender identity. Sexual violence happens because of who the abuser is - not who you are.

If you are a member of the LGBTI community affected by sexual violence, you are not alone. We will listen to what you say, believe you, and treat you with respect.

More information about our support for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence can be found here.

We also have a list of external LGBTI support services available here.

How to Refer to Us

You can contact us for support for yourself or for someone else in your family or someone you know, ask a parent, friend, agency, GP or college to refer you. Our referral form is available to download here.

Our normal office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also contact the Rape Crisis Scotland National Helpline, each day from 5pm to midnight, on 08088 010302, or by texting 07537 410027 or emailing

Rape Crisis Scotland also offer an LGBTI specific service from 7pm to midnight on Mondays and Thursdays.


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